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The name of my company and my distinct logo also have a story to tell and highlight the special care I take in every detail related to my business. A mosaic is developed by bringing together many individual pieces to create a distinctive object of beauty - in this case, your individually curated trip. Safari is the Swahili word meaning “to go on a journey”, so this word encompasses much more than just observing animals in the wild (which is amazing in itself!). In the case of my logo, it was especially crafted around a group of giraffe that are known as a “journey of giraffe.” That is what I want to create for you - a journey that is tailored to your interests and brings together many individual pieces into one unforgettable trip. At Mosaic Safaris, we create one-of-a-kind authentic experiences that just might change your life!



  • Travel Curator, Founder of Mosaic Safaris
  • Crisney’s passion for travel has its roots in Africa - where we all share a common ancestry - and like our descendants, it has spread to every corner of the world. Today, Crisney can truly claim to be a global travel expert, having visited and arranged journeys for her clients to the most amazing places in six of the world’s seven continents - and she hopes to one day visit Antarctica (the seventh)!

In 2011, after having traveled extensively herself, Crisney settled back in Austin,Texas, and the following year established Mosaic Safaris; the boutique travel company that she’d been dreaming of, using her many experiences and contacts to offer a world class service to clients who prefer to experience the thrill of discovery without any unpleasant surprises.

Crisney continues to travel at every opportunity to test and evaluate destinations to offer her clients, and to strengthen her relationships with service providers and property owners so that you can be assured of a...



  • Travel Advisor
  • Ever since she visited Oaxaca, Mexico as a college exchange student, Jessica has loved travel, and that love has taken her to destinations across America and the globe; from the Pacific Northwest to the clifftop monasteries of Meteora in Greece, and from the Winelands of Cape Town to the Kruger National Park in South Africa, and most recently the Great Plains of Kenya.

Following a career with the Texas Attorney General and the Texas Senate and then raising a family, Jessica joined Mosaic Safaris in July 2017 to pursue her passion for travel, and to help clients realize the same dreams of discovering exciting new places.

“Not only do I love traveling with my family, but I recognize how travel promotes global citizens; satisfying their curiosity about the world, and builds a respect for different cultures and promotes understanding”, says Jess. And that passion is exactly why Jessica is just the person to tailor your next travel experience. So where will it be?




  • Social Media Guru
  • Bella loves travel, photography, animals and music. She's adventurous and empathetic (always one to volunteer for a good cause) and is her own person, cutting her own path in life.

She’s explored much of the USA and visited Canada and Greece, and places Africa and Asia at the top her bucket list. Being a foodie, she loves to pair her travel destinations with great food experiences (and can do the same for you!).

Bella’s just 18 years old, so she has lots of time to make all those dreams a reality. Meanwhile she posts photos and stories of the places that we offer to you.

In addition to enticing our clients (and herself) with tantalizing destinations, Bella is a first year student at the University of Washington, School of the Environment in Seattle. She loves science, and is environmentally conscious - always learning about ways to keep our planet beautiful for your (and her) future enjoyment.



So, where will it be?

Mosaic Safaris will curate your luxury journey to visit anywhere in the world, and suit your every need without the surprises that a self planned trip might bring. Your journey of a thousand miles begins with this single step…

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