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Oh, the places you’ll go!

Mosaic Safaris draws inspiration for its name from the word ‘Mosaic’ representing a multi-cultural collage of destinations, and the Swahili word ’Safari’, meaning ‘journey’.

Founder Crisney Lane has travelled to and stayed in more than fifty countries (27 in Africa), discovering stunning places along the way and establishing strong relationships that translate to a better service to our clients.

We carefully curate luxurious personalized tours for honeymooners through to multi generational families, taking into account all the personal requirements an online reservation (or an agent who hasn’t travelled as much) mightn’t consider.

As our name suggests, we specialize in trips to Africa, where we have established a proud reputation for tailoring stunning travel experiences for our clients - many of whom have since entrusted us with the arrangements for their visits to every corner of the world.

Our partnership with the highly respected Virtuoso travel network and their affiliate The Departure Lounge, adds many benefits to our boutique service, enabling us to literally offer you the world.

So, where will it be?